One of the easiest constructs for a new woodworker to first make is a table. Because a table does not require complex construction or a large amount of work to be completed, it is an easy way to build out decent furniture with very little initial work. To create a table and to begin woodworking, there isn’t a lot that you need to do, but you do need some practice or experience with joinery and woodworking before you can consider yourself ready to create a decent table as furniture.

With a table, it’s really a five-step process with the wood aspect. As you can imagine, all you really need are 4 strong legs and a table top. However, there are a lot of additions that you can make to a table to make it sturdier for your everyday use, but also to make the table itself look nicer for your home. Especially depending on your current furniture within your home too!

If you are looking to create a table that not only looks amazing for you, but has a great deal of stability, then you need to start crafting supports alongside the table legs. This is a great way to create a table that is not only made by yourself but will be built to last for a very long time with use. It also means that you can create the table in the way that you would like it to be made.

Creating the table is quite easy, especially if you use a support. The support will be connecting the table legs together, while the table top itself would be supported within the supports using a block that is locked into the support itself.

I hope you are ready for the next blog, and you are willing to test your work to try and create your own table!

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